Pit Exit Trackside International

With breath-taking views of all the action, the Pit Exit Trackside International suites are one of the most exciting facilities on the track. Located close to the exit of Pit Lane, Trackside International will make your guests feel part of the racing action like never before. Trackside International is a shared suite on the lower level of the Pit Exit building, below the Skydeck Lounge. Pit Exit Trackside International suites will put your guests in a prime viewing position. Guests will enjoy:

  • Carpeted, fully-enclosed glass-fronted dining area
  • Televisions showing all the racing action live on GPTV
  • Outdoor viewing balcony
  • Superscreen viewing
  • Reserved dining seat per guest
  • All day food stations
  • Sparkling, premium wines and beer, cider, selected spirits, soft drinks and espresso coffee


AU$2,350 per person for Friday, Saturday & Sunday



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