Corporate Suites

The Corporate Suites are located in the top level of the main grandstand and take in spectacular views of the start/finish straight as well as all the pit lane action. The package comes with an extensive gourmet menu & drinks package that will keep you & your guests satisfied throughout the day. Guests will enjoy:

  • Air-conditioned suite, with views over looking the main straight & pit lane
  • 5-star hospitality with a selection of both Asian and Western dishes
  • All-day dining package that includes breakfast, lunch & tea
  • All day open bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Official programme for each guest


From £1,450 per person for Saturday & Sunday



Featured Events

  • The Monaco Grand Prix is probably the most iconic race in world motor sport. Set upon the glistening streets of Monte Carlo and with its sumptuous Marina section, Monaco is a Mecca for every F1 enthusiast.

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  • The F1 circuit at Silverstone is a super slick modern wonder. After an investment of over £5million in 2011, the track has everything one might expect for Grand Prix expertise at the wheel. Cornering that will keep you tense and sharp-angled bends are yours to enjoy. This is high speed.

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  • The city of Baku in Azerbaijan, becomes the newest host of the European Grand Prix, having previously raced in locations such as Valencia, Spain and Nurburgring, Germany.

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  • The Hungaroring is the Hungarian offering to the world of Formula One. Situated 20 km outside of the charismatically beautiful city of Budapest, the Hungaroring is built in the basin of a natural valley and encircled by a bounty of rolling country side. There are few more resplendent places to be on a summery race weekend than Budapest; be there next year ready and raring to go.

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