Canada Formula One Paddock Club™

Race Dates:

Friday 9th June- Practice

Saturday 10th June- Qualifying

Sunday 11th June- Race

Other Information:

Location: Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, Montreal, Canada

Race start time: 14:00

Lap record: 1:13.622 (R Barrichello 2004)

Number of laps: 70

Circuit Length: 4.361 KM

Montreal is one of the most exciting places to come and enjoy Formula One. The locals are some of the most passionate fans in Formula One, turning this vibrant Canadian city into one big party town for the F1 weekend every June. With the race located in the heart of Montreal, access couldn’t be easier.


At Edge we offer you unrivalled access to the Montreal F1 Paddock Club, at the fantastic Gilles Villeneuve circuit, located next to the iconic Montreal Casino. With a birds eye view of the circuit (from the dedicated suite above the team garages), our guests will experience hospitality seemingly tailored specifically for them.

The Paddock Club in Canada offers the finest sporting hospitality in the world, with opportunities to see drivers and the rich and famous up close and personal, together with opportunities to walk the pits throughout the weekend and visit the team garages. Our Montreal F1 Paddock Club package includes:

•   The best vantage points, bar none!
•   Pit lane walks at allotted times throughout the weekend
•   Access to the Support Paddock
•   Mumm Champagne all through the weekend
•   The finest cuisine with stunning vintage wines
•   VIP parking (Paddock Club™ parking ticket per 3 tickets)
•   Complimentary programme and official ear plugs


From US$5,025 per person for Saturday & Sunday. Friday available at additional cost.

As part of our Montreal F1 packages, we also have great access to the best local hotels, including the Fairmont, the trendy W Hotel or the luxurious Hotel Le St-James. Why not extend your Formula One stay with travel extensions to other parts of Canada or Northern USA. Both Boston and New York are within easy reach.

For more information about our Canadian Paddock Club packages, or Montreal F1 corporate hospitality passes, please contact EDGE Global

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