Malaysia Formula One Paddock Club™

Race Dates:

Friday 29th September- Practice

Saturday 30th September- Qualifying

Sunday 1st October- Race

Other Information:

Location: Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Race start time: 15:00

Lap record: 1:34.223 (J P Montoya 2004)

Number of laps: 56

Circuit Length: 5.543 KM

The F1 Paddock Club Sapang is for those who expect the finest and most exclusive hospitality in the elite world of Formula 1. Watch the excitement and drama unfold before your eyes at the F1 Paddock club in Malaysia. Mix with the teams, drivers and well known F1 personalities while taking a pit lane walk; get as close up to the action as it is possible to be. Combine this with the luxury and exceptional benefits of premium viewing and hospitality that only the Paddock club offers.


From the exclusive vantage point right above the team garages, gaze out at the panoramic view of the Sepang circuit and watch live action from right above the pit buildings. At Edge Global we cater for all levels and tastes. An F1 Malaysia Paddock Club pass to the race circuit brings you right into the heart of the world’s most glamorous sport. We guarantee you will experience the best VIP guest hospitality that Formula 1 has to offer, including:

  • Outstanding viewing points above the team garages
  • Access to the Support Paddock
  • The finest hospitality and cuisine served throughout the day
  • Free flowing Premium Champagne, vintage wines and all day open bar
  • VIP parking (1 x car parking pass for every 3 tickets ordered)
  • Complimentary programme and official ear plugs available throughout the weekend


From US$4,350 per person for Saturday & Sunday. Friday available at additional cost.

Unprecedented access to great local hotels in the area, including the Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton and the Westin is all part of our Malaysia F1 Paddock Club celebration designed exclusively for you.

Maximise your business potential; include your valued customers, suppliers or employees in F1 Paddock Club Corporate Hospitality. It’s a unique opportunity to impress your guests, whilst forging long term, profitable business relationships.

For more information about our Malaysia F1 packages, the Malaysia F1 Paddock Club or to order any Malaysia F1 tickets, please contact EDGE Global

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