Australia F1 Hotels

Australia is classically the first port of call for the F1 season; dive into the searing heat of a Melbourne F1 weekend, complete with thrills, resplendent sunshine, as well as top-class hospitality and hotels.

The Albert Park Circuit is situated amid the charming parkland of southern Melbourne, only a hop away from the diverse and cosmopolitan city centre. Accommodation in Melbourne is plentiful but we fully recommend the 5-star Park Hyatt hotel, a mixture of Victorian and modern styling with an array of luxurious facilities. The restaurant offers delicious gourmet fare along with a medley of the best new-world Australian wines. You can also unwind with a spa day, private tennis lessons, and then finish it off with a dip in the 25-metre pool.

The Crown Towers hotel is a favourite of ours, an opinion we share with many of the drivers, F1 teams, and celebrities. A regular winner of awards for the best hotel in Melbourne, 5-star luxury is here in spades: there is even a collection of the world’s leading fashion brands to ensure that you are looking your smartest for the big day. Indulgent restaurants, sophisticated décor, and all the comforts of home, Edge Global can make sure you find exactly what you are after.

Melbourne is a fascinating city full of life, diversity, and culture. The thriving city hub contains everything you need for a weekend of both relaxation and hedonism; let us know either way and we can point you in the right direction. Melbourne is also home to miles of breathtaking coastline and sandy beaches, perfect for the downpour of sunshine the city receives every March.

Our vast wealth of experience can transform your stay; we know the hotspots where the drivers, celebrities and VIP’s go; take advantage in both Melbourne F1 corporate hospitality, as well as the Melbourne F1 Paddock Club.

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5* Park Hyatt

The luxuriously appointed 5 star Park Hyatt Melbourne, offers an exclusive sanctuary in the hea….

5* Crown Towers

Crown Towers is the original 5 star hotel of the Crown Casino complex, which is situated i….

5* Crown Metropol

Crown Metropol, the newest of the Crown Casino complex three hotels, features an unparalleled l….

4* Crown Promenade

Crown Promenade is the final hotel with the Crown Casino complex, offering stylish, welcom….

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