Spain F1 Hotels

The Circuit de Catalunya is a short car or train journey away from the centre of Barcelona, a prestigious location for a Formula One event. Enjoy a full weekend of nerve tingling racing, amidst an enchanting city famed for its nightlife, cuisine, and love of motor sport.

There are a multitude of top places to stay in Barcelona, but for truly opulent accommodation in the heart of the city, it has to be Hotel Arts or W Hotel. As official partners to both hotel groups, we can assure you of the finest room locations and service levels as guests of Edge Global.

After an enthralling day at the track, you can retire to your hotel suite and find everything you need: top restaurants, relaxing massages, spas, bars and swimming, all under one roof. The hotel locations are also ideal for when you want to go out; many of the best restaurants and nightspots are within walking distance.

Some of the best places are even in the hotels themselves, such as the famous Arola restaurant at Hotel Arts.As a city, Barcelona needs no introduction. Your weekend of racing won’t be complete without a trip to the Gaudi-designed Sagrada Familia, a walk down La Rambla, or a visit to one of the famous seafood restaurants such as Rias de Galicia.

Enhance your options with the Spain Formula 1 Hospitality package, as well as the Barcelona Formula One Paddock Club, with a stay in one of the many fine hotels on offer. With a fully personalised choice, you can opt to stay in a quiet back street, a central 5-star, or even stipulate to be where the drivers stay. We are well positioned with insider knowledge to create the perfect Formula 1 weekend for all our guests.For more information, please contact EDGE Global

5* Hotel Arts

Our choice of luxury hotel in Barcelona, and where most of the F1 drivers and team personnel st….

5* W Hotel

One of our favourite 5 star hotels, adjacent to the beach and a stones throw away from Central ….

5* Mandarin Oriental

A stunning luxury five star hotel, with a boutique feel and extremely close to La Ramblas. A tr….

4* Hotel Espana

A nice 4 star hotel, combining superb location in the historical heart of Barcelona with great ….

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  • The Hungaroring is the Hungarian offering to the world of Formula One. Situated 20 km outside of the charismatically beautiful city of Budapest, the Hungaroring is built in the basin of a natural valley and encircled by a bounty of rolling country side. There are few more resplendent places to be on a summery race weekend than Budapest; be there next year ready and raring to go.

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